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First Lady,
Ruth Lawson

James M. Lawson

You’re invited to be our personal guest at Worship service every Sunday at 11 A..M.

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4043 Fairport Road - Kittrell NC, 27544 919.693.6441

Ilong Missionary Baptist Church
Reverend James M. Lawson

Thank you for visiting the Ilong  Missionary Baptist Church’s home on the Internet. We hope you found it informative and inspirational.

Ilong Missionary Baptist Church is located in Kitrell NC and is the home of men and women who believe that all are worthy of God’s love and redemption.

We are inspired by Our lord and Savior Jesus Christ’s life as given to us in the Holy Bible. You are invited to worship with us and share his Word. We look forward to answering any questions you may have concerning Ilong MBC and our activities. Please contact us with the information provided below:

4043 Fairport Road
 Kittrell NC, 27544

Call us: 919.693.6441

Please take a moment to let us know who you are by filling out the contact form below.

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